Frequently Asked Questions

How does booking a tutor work?

Booking a tutor is a simple and time-saving process.

  1. Pick the subject and grade level. This is straight-forward.                                                                                                                                                           
  2. Choose a session length. Most first-time clients book a 1-hour session to see how the process works. This also allows the tutor to gauge where the student is academically at in their course. However, feel free to book a longer session if needed!                                                                               
  3. Select the correct course code. This allows the tutor to know which exact course the student needs assistance with and better prepares the tutor for the session.                                                                                       
  4. Select a booking time. Choose a time and date that works best for you and the tutor which has an opening during that time will be defaulted. Want to choose your tutor? No problem, just select your preferred tutor and their open schedule will be displayed for booking.                                                                                                        
  5. Add to cart and checkout. An account is required to checkout to allow the tutors to have your address for the session. Don't want your session at the comfort of your own home? Simply post an address of your local library, coffee shop, or quiet spot for the session to take place. Please make sure the location is open during your requested time!

How do I know which tutor to book?

All of our tutors have plenty of experience in their area of expertise. As such, not every tutor teaches all of the available courses. If multiple tutors are available, feel free to check out their bio on our 'About' page. Please contact us if you would like a consultation to see which tutor may be the right one for you. If you select a tutor for one session and want to try another tutor out for the next session, no hard feelings, feel free to jump between tutors if needed to support your schedule!

Once I book a session, what happens next?

Once you book a session and checkout, you will receive an automatic session invitation with the details of your booked session. Simultaneously, the tutor you booked will receive the details as well. Your tutor will show up at your requested location within 5 minutes of the session start time and will stay for the duration of the session. After the session, the tutor simply leaves without any money transactions needed in person.

Can I book multiple sessions at once?

Yes of course! Feel free to book multiple sessions at once with different future dates and times. Take advantage of our multi-session package deals to save some hard earned money. We will be offering a subscribe and save option in the near future so keep your eyes peeled.

Does the tutor provide lessons for the session?

Most of the time, the student has enough homework material to go through to last the entire session length. If the student is having trouble grasping the theory and concepts, the tutor will go through the course lessons and textbook. However, the tutor can provide lessons and extra course material on special request.

What if I have to reschedule or cancel my booking?

If you would like to reschedule or cancel your booking, please contact us at Please ensure you contact us before the 24-hour cancellation cut-off time as stated in our cancellation policy. If your request to reschedule or cancel is not in line with our cancellation policy, you will not receive a refund. This is to ensure our tutors have a planned work schedule with no last minute changes to guarantee a streamlined booking process.