Specialized Online Tutoring for Grades 7-12

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Specialized Online Tutoring for Grades 7-12

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The courses are taught from the ground up approach.

Specialized Online Tutoring for Grades 7-12

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Developing strong roots.

STEM Tutoring Ottawa is comprised of highly skilled tutors with their main focus on supporting high school students in their studies and developing strong roots for them to succeed. Our tutors ensure that their students have a thorough understanding of each subject and develop strong problem-solving skills in order for them to excel. STEM Tutoring Ottawa has a range of experienced tutors to pick from, with each having their own subject of expertise.

Our services are easy to use:  Select the course you need help in, Choose a tutor, Book a time, and a link will be sent for your session.

Currently, we are offering services that complement the Ontario High School curriculum. For courses not currently offered by STEM Tutoring Ottawa, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to find a perfect fit to meet your requirements.

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