Our Tutors

Parth Shah, B.Eng, MSc


Parth graduated from Cranfield University, England with a Master of Science in Thermal Power: Aerospace Propulsion in 2018. His main focus was on the design of power plants installed on aircraft. His thesis investigated the application of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide for waste heat recovery on a marine vessel. Parth obtained a degree in Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical, from Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. Parth was also part of the Ravens Racing team for four years at Carleton, assuming the role of Aerodynamics Team lead for the latter two years. The team was responsible for designing, manufacturing, and testing a formula-style race car for international competitions.

Parth started as an assistant in high school where he supported his teacher in a Computer Engineering course. His love for teaching led him to continue tutoring throughout his university studies and now has more than 6 years of experience teaching students ranging from Grades 4 - 12.

Areas of Expertise: Math, Science, Physics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer

Billy Francis, B.Eng, EIT


Billy graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2017. His main experience involved courses in material performance, aerospace, and rocket propulsion. Billy currently works full-time as an Aerospace Engineer for the Department of National Defence supporting Canada's Military.

Billy started as a tutor in Grade 12, teaching younger grades the principles of Math and Science as well as helping them with their homework. He enjoyed this so much that he pursued more students on a weekly basis throughout his university career. In university, Billy acquired a position as a teaching assistant for the second year engineering graphical design course at Carleton University teaching the fundamentals of 3D modelling using computer software. He now has more than 8 years of tutoring experience under his belt, ensuring that his students succeed in their courses.

Areas of Expertise: Math, Calculus, Science, Physics, Aerospace Propulsion, 3D Computer Aided Design

Joseph Nahas, B.Sc, B.A.Sc


Joseph is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa. He completed a 6-year double degree in Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering. This included three co-op work terms where he conducted stem cell research at Health Canada and cancer research at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

Throughout high school and university, Joseph developed a love for both biology and bio chemistry. He has recently started tutoring both grade 11 and grade 12 chemistry, and has always loved sharing his knowledge in meaningful ways.

Areas of Expertise: Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Science

Vanessa Lewis, B.Eng, MSc


Vanessa graduated from the University of Surrey with a Master of Science in Space Engineering in 2018. Her main focus is on space systems and satellite design, where her thesis involved the mission design of a low cost space weather satellite. Vanessa obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in space systems and design from Carleton University. During her undergraduate degree she was involved with the Carleton CanSat team designing a space vehicle to record and transmit environmental readings while descending from launch. She was also a member of the Satellite Design Project at Carleton on the systems engineering team, an integrator for the thermal subsystem, as well as the funding manager for two years.

Vanessa started as a peer mentor in her third year of university, supporting students with their engineering concepts for a communications course, while catering to all levels of knowledge and learning. She is enthusiastic about supporting students throughout their studies to achieve success in their courses.

Areas of Expertise: Math, Calculus, Science, Physics, Orbital Dynamics, Satellite Design and Communication